Robinhood and other companies are actively protecting Wall Street’s profits by screwing over ordinary investors.

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Creator: Gabby Jones | Credit: Bloomberg

After members of the subreddit r/wallstreetbets took advantage of a market flaw in GameStop, Robinhood and others have attempted to protect Wall Street hedge funds. From preventing users from exploiting the flaw further by blocking trades to forcing users to sell shares they owned, they are attempting to push the price of GameStop shares downward.

Some r/wallstreetbets members had discovered that investors held 144% of GameStop stock in a short position. Simply put, a short position is betting on the stock price going down. If…

Joe Biden has proposed a $15 min wage, and conservatives are losing their minds.

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Image: Twitter/@Axios

Despite countless economists, studies, and real-world examples showing the economic benefits of raising wages, conservatives have completely melted down over Joe Biden’s proposed $15 minimum wage.

But the evidence is clear; raising the minimum wage will not significantly impact the prices of goods and services and provide millions with much needed higher wages. Here’s why.

The Economic Policy Institute has provided a list of economists who support increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The statement — provided with the list — states:

Today, workers who earn the federal minimum wage make $7.25 an…

Soon after a violent coup attempt broke out in Washington D.C., conspiracies started to spread that the perpetrators were ANTIFA.

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Creator: SAUL LOEB | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Earlier today, a Trump protest broke out into a violent riot on Capitol Hill. White supremacists and Qanon groups overwhelmed the police and ran amuck in the halls of Congress. A conspiracy quickly spread through social media accusing ANTIFA — people who believe in opposing rising fascism in the U.S — of disguising themselves as Trump supporters as a stunt. These baseless claims fell flat after some of the identities of the Terrorists have been identified.

Pictures of this guy have been going around insisting he’s ANTIFA. His name is Jake Angeli, and he is known as the “Q-Shaman”…

Democratic Leadership has signaled that they are more concerned about appeasing their corporate interests over the broader population’s needs.

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Photo by Christina Hawkins on Unsplash

Democrats have failed to wield what little leverage they had during stimulus negotiations to secure much-needed provisions for workers. The Biden Campaign meanwhile has been lowering expectations for his upcoming administration. Failure to pass a stimulus bill focusing on helping workers would be catastrophic for millions of Americans, and Democrats have yet to show that they are willing to fight for the country’s workers.

The United States has been the hardest-hit countries by the pandemic, despite being the planet’s wealthiest country. Over 300,000 Americans are dead, and nearly 3,000 Americans are now dying every single day. The high death count…

The for-profit structure of the U.S. healthcare system allows unnecessary death and suffering.

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Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

Have you ever known someone who has passed away because they delayed medical treatment due to cost, rationed their unaffordable medication, or went bankrupt due to medical bills? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. 45,000 Americans die every single year from lack of health coverage. Medical Bills bankrupt hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Over 14 million Americans have lost their health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to other developed countries, the United States consistently ranks in the bottom percentiles of overall health outcomes while spending double per capita. For readers unaware of how for-profit healthcare operates or even…

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