COVID-19 Pandemic Updates

ACLU Voices Concerns about “Immunity Passports”

Real World Study Show Vaccines 90% Effective

This week we saw developments related to the pandemic, and Biden hints at doing something good while doing a lot of bad

Pandemic Update

Big Pharma Plans to Price Gouge Consumers

Teacher Unions are Concerned New Guidelines are Based on Political Pressure, Not Science

This week we saw the passing of a history relief package, western imperialism continues, coup leaders get arrested, #LulaLivre, and more.

Joe Biden Signs American Rescue ARP into Law

Western Nations Block Poorer Nations From Producing Cheaper Versions of COVID Vaccines

Former Brazilian President Lula de Silva has Criminal Charges Against Him Dropped by Supreme Court Judge.

Senate Passes $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill

Welcome to our brand new weekly news brief. Check back every Sunday for a roundup of the week’s headlines you may have missed.

Baby’s First Bombing

Democratic Leadership Pretends They Can’t Pass $15 Minimum Wage.

Creator: Gabby Jones | Credit: Bloomberg

Joe Biden has proposed a $15 min wage, and conservatives are losing their minds.

Image: Twitter/@Axios

Soon after a violent coup attempt broke out in Washington D.C., conspiracies started to spread that the perpetrators were ANTIFA.

Creator: SAUL LOEB | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Democratic Leadership has signaled that they are more concerned about appeasing their corporate interests over the broader population’s needs.

Photo by Christina Hawkins on Unsplash

The for-profit structure of the U.S. healthcare system allows unnecessary death and suffering.

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

Shane Sarosy

Co-Host of Newsdive. Believer in Democracy and Human Rights

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